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Let the Good Times Roll, Y'all! Here's a Bit of Good News.

It's that time of year again! It's autumn and the holidays are approaching! Time to have some fun!

 Since COVID19, so much has changed in our world.

  • Contagious sickness and death,
  • Injustice, sadness and oppression,
  • Changes in education, the healthcare, government,
  • World crises, and especially the economy. 
  • It seems that even the weather is going crazy!

 But one thing has not changed:

The good times keep coming every Holiday Season. We're getting vaccinated, masking-up when necessary, staying healthy, and enjoying the life we've been blessed to share with one another in love and togetherness!

 Why not celebrate life and the victories, however small, you've won through the year?

You deserve a reward for surviving the weather attacks, the health challenges, the economic demands, the family crises, and all that life has thrown your way.

Sometimes, when times get bleak, you have to do something different just to change the mood.

You have to reward yourself and look forward to better times.

You have to speak to yourself and remember that joy comes from

over-coming adversity.

       Let's bring a smile to someone. Let's share a story or a song.

This is the perfect time!


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